Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scala IDE Eclipse Plugin for Scala 2.8.1 Final Released

After four rounds of release candidates, Scala has been released, fixing a large number of bugs, and introducing some enhancements, in particular in Scaladoc.

Perhaps most importantly, this new release is completely binary compatible with As has been the rule, it’s still necessary to update the Scala tooling for Eclipse to take advantage of the new Scala compiler and library version. Thankfully, the aforementioned binary compatibility and the continued availability of the version of the SDT will make this process less painful than it has been previously — you can either update to the version immediately, or continue with and update to when it’s convenient for your project, whilst still being able to take advantage of ongoing improvements in the Eclipse tooling.

This is the first time that this has been possible — enabling smoother version transitions for users of the Scala tooling was one of the primary goals of the Scala IDE for Eclipse becoming an independent project and it is very satisfying to see that this is working out in practice. One of the project’s continuing goals is to ensure that Eclipse users won’t again have to choose between sticking with a particular stable release of the main Scala toolchain versus benefiting from improvements in the Eclipse integration.

The version of the Scala tooling that is offered on the front page of by default has been bumped up to, and you can continue to update and install for using the alternative build update sites available here.

(from the announcement)

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