Monday, December 20, 2010

Eclipse RAP Single Sourcing Awesomeness (with EMF Editor and Teneo+Hibernate as bonus!)

Eclipse Rich Client Platform has come a looong way since it was first introduced (and used in Eclipse IDE). The new Eclipse RAP (Rich Application Platform) is also becoming more and more attractive for deploying existing or new Eclipse RCP applications to the web.

One of my the projects I'm working on is developed on top of Eclipse RCP. It uses additional plugins such as EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) including EMF Editor UI, Teneo (EMF Persistence for Relational Databases), and Hibernate.

After some work, I managed to run the whole application on both Eclipse RCP (desktop) and Eclipse RAP (web-based). See the screenshots for proof.

Thanks to the recently released EMF Support for RAP I don't have to let go any of the nice EMF generated editor UIs for the web-based RAP version.

What's amazing is how little the work I have to do to port the RCP app to RAP.

The changes I needed to do is not changing code, but juggling dependencies to plugins and/or packages. Also creating a few platform-specific plugins (different based on whether I deploy on RCP or RAP).

It boils down to:

  1. Do not hard-depend on org.eclipse.ui plugin. Either depend on both org.eclipse.ui and org.eclipse.rap.ui plugins as optional dependencies, or import the specific packages. I prefer optional dependency on both plugins because it's much faster and easier.
  2. Be aware that there will be multiple sessions at once.
  3. 2D Drawing functions are not yet fully available. (and I guess will never be available)

See the Eclipse RAP FAQ on Single Sourcing for more information.

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