Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eclipse IDE 3.6 Helios In Action: EMF on the Web

The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) has long provided a code generation facility capable of emitting everything needed to get started with building a complete application for EMF-based domain models. It includes a GUI from which options can be specified and code generators can be invoked, to produce a model API, edit support, unit tests and a sample editor.

With the Helios release of Eclipse, this facility moves beyond the boundaries of the Eclipse platform, and desktop applications in general, by adding support for the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) and Google Web Toolkit (GWT). This session will demonstrate EMF's support for these application runtime platforms and highlight differences in the code generated for each.

This presentation was recorded as part of the Helios In Action virtual conference:​helios/​heliosinaction.php.

Presented by Kenn Hussey, Cloudsmith

See the webinar recording video here: Helios In Action: EMF on the Web

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