Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vaadin on Google App Engine part 1: Setting up the Development Environment

Vaadin is such a nice Java web RIA application framework for building desktop-like apps, built on top of GWT AJAX Library. Vaadin uses Java to programmatically create UI components and there's very minimal CSS / HTML involved, much less JavaScript.

In this article series I will share my experiences on developing a Vaadin web application and deploying it to Google App Engine hosting.

Prepare Vaadin + Google App Engine Development Environment

First you need to prepare your development environment.

  1. Install Eclipse IDE 3.6SR1 (Helios) - Java EE edition
  2. Install Vaadin Eclipse Plugin
  3. Install Google Plugin for Eclipse
  4. Download the latest Google App Engine SDK . This step is optional because Google Plugin for Eclipse can also download GAE SDK and GWT SDK for you.

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